• Teaser
    • AMP-1 TP

      First & Lightest Composite Helmet with VPAM Certification in the world Unique and specialised side-rail technology giving modular scalable protection capability.

    • Plate Carrier QRS
      bulletproof vest

      A bulletproof vest with Quad Release System. It has a convenient adjustment system along the shoulders and the hip, as well as MOLLE/PALS mounting system. Made from the highest quality raw materials. Suitable for STAND ALONE and ICW type plates.

    • 10-seat
      offshore life raft

      The offshore free-fall life raft is pneumatic equipment that has been designed to rescue people in life-threatening situations at sea. Increased optical, thermal, and radio-location signature increases the possibility to detect rafts by sea rescue services, and increase the chances of survival.

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